Ultra 2014 Day 1

levitra cheaper Once again, Ultra Music Festival made its way to our beautiful city of Miami for three days of non-stop raving and partying to the beats of the best DJs in the world. Ultra 2014 Day 1 with 8 stages and over 100 artists storming Bayfront Park, this colossal event was an EDM’s fan paradise. The Chainsmokers kicked off the […]

Artist Federico Uribe Interview

cialis super active 10 mg Federico Uribe: Beyond Unreal, Part I David= D  Federico= F D     What’s your favorite object to use? The colored Pencil? F     I always  wanted to be a painter. I just wasn’t the painter I wanted to be. Colored pencils are essentially lines of color that you can make in any size. So essentially it’s a […]

Artist Federico Uribe Interview

http://razorsedgebarber.com/?search=100-mg-levitra-price David= D  Federico= F D     What was it like growing up in Colombia? F     The fact that it was in Colombia or the fact that I was growing up? D     Let’s say the environment. F     I spent a large part of my childhood, about half, in my grandfather’s farm and the rest of it in […]

lasix 10 mg I want to play in the mud. Lay on it, in it, under it, dive in. Get it all over my hands, under my nails, have clumps in my hair, smell the moist ground all around me, like a kid, like an animal, a worm, annelidic, just let go, indulge apathy, regain ignorance, feel it […]

watch The Sun beat the clouds with punishing rays all day . . .their dark screams, our shade.     David Collante – david@porkbellytimes.com

http://dscotwilliams.com/?search=bayer-levitra-cheapest-price-online-pharmacy Yesterday, January 18th, Pork Belly Times attended the opening of The Movement: Bob Adelman and Civil Rights Era Photography at the Museum Of Art Fort Lauderdale. The exhibit contains over 150 images from the Civil Rights era. Bob Adelman captured some of the most iconic moments of the time, including Dr. Martin Luther King’s I […]

http://causeofjesusdeath.com/?search=arizona-accutane-guild-child-custody-legal Hailing from Athens, Greece the street artist, iNO, has descended upon streets all over the world and graced them with his art. He was formally trained at fine arts school but his style grew up on the streets.  From Athens, to Berlin, to Miami his murals have served as public masterpieces for the masses to […]