David Zalben Interview Part II

David Zalben: Wired, Part I D = David Collante    Z = David Zalben D     Your work draws beautiful women into this place. Z     Indeed it does, you’re witness to that. My own dwellings manifest these things which are an extension of my personality. I never do anything that’s for somebody else; I think that’s cheap […]

The streets of Miami are getting tagged up by vandals once more. This time the Department of Poetry Works, a part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival, is rolling down the streets to do some drive-by poetry installations all around town. Artist, Randy Burman, is the founder of the Department of Poetry Works and all […]

I want to play in the mud. Lay on it, in it, under it, dive in. Get it all over my hands, under my nails, have clumps in my hair, smell the moist ground all around me, like a kid, like an animal, a worm, annelidic, just let go, indulge apathy, regain ignorance, feel it […]

I watched it rain all day. Each drop like a performer in a parade, they took turns dancing on the window pane. Lightning made sure to highlight the best dancers. Even on the ground they continued to make a splash. They left me no choice but to step outside and join their dance. David Collante […]